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I have been definitely recommending this to all my family and friends.


Please click on the product name to read our customers testimonials.

Very Dry Skin Cream

Dermal Very Dry Skin Cream has been the answer to my prayers in relieving my dry skin problems. I had tried just about every product on the market until I found Dermal and would not be without a tube of it on hand now.

H, Yeppoon, Australia

This is an amazing product. I have searched years for an answer for my dry skin. Even my podiatrist is impressed! I have given these as gifts to several friends who also have fallen in love with it. Thank you!

EW, Australia

I swear this stuff is amazing!!! Using this product, I have noticed MASSIVE improvement on my skin. I have severe eczema pretty much everywhere and tried every cream... and nothing worked before. I also use it to moisturize my hands, feet and elbows when I fake tan and so far have had zero streaky incidents. I just want to let people know that this really honestly does work!!! Thank you Dermal Therapy.

LC, Australia

Dermal Therapy Very Dry Skin Cream hydrates and protects.

“This works wonders for my dry skin! I have quite dry skin. It really softens any dry patches, soaks quickly into your skin and is non- greasy. Good for everyday use".

CO, Australia

Lip Balm

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing invention!

I'm on Roaccutane at the moment and my biggest side effect is the extremely dry, cracked and blistered lips.

Over New Years, I cried for a whole day because they were so sore. Your lip balm fixed them within a day!

I have tried every lip balm known to man... Yours is without a doubt the best there is!

I work in Pharmacy and I love being able to confidently recommend your products to others. Everyone on roaccutane needs a tube (or 6!!!).

M, Wellington Point, Australia

I've had chronically sore, peeling lips for years and have spent a fortune on lip products. I rarely wear lipstick due to the burning and peeling discomfort. I bought Dermal Therapy Lip Balm yesterday and applied it and immediately my lips felt comfortable. Today there is no sign of the sore peeling problem I've had for so long. I just can't believe it, and I'm so very grateful. Yay...I'm thinking I'll be able to use lipstick once again too. A thousand thank yous for this inexpensive and highly effective product.

M, Blue Mountains, Australia

I get very dry lips, no matter the weather they are always peeling and cracking. I’ve tried everything that claimed to help but nothing ever worked. This product completely changed my lips and now they are amazingly soft and hydrated.

JW, Australia

Works miracles! This is the best lip balm I have found for dry, cracking lips. I get very dry lips, no matter the weather that are always peeling and cracking, making the enjoyment of wearing lipstick hard. I had tried other products that claimed to help but never worked and often made it worse, this product however completely changed my lips.  I apply it before I go to bed and the next day my lips are so soft and smooth, if the day prior I have had slight peeling, I will wake up and my lips will be a lot less sore and healing fast. Will continue to purchase this product.

Jess: WA Australia

Best in Beauty: Soothing lip balm. Dermal Therapy Lip Balm's is my favourite lip balm. It's super cheap and a little goes a long way. It is my go to, everyday lip balm. It does a fantastic job at healing dry lips and maintaining soft lips. It has menthol in the formula which provides a slightly tingly feeling when applied. It hydrates my lips and leaves them looking more plump. This is a fuss-free, effective lip balm. It heals chapped lips and protects them from the environment. It isn't sticky nor heavy on my lips. I can't say anything negative about this lip balm. I'd definitely recommend it.

Sam: VIC Australia

 I cannot thank you enough as my lips feel great I have been using the Lip Balm 4 times a day and at first I had a lot of tingling but now I don't and my lips are not cracked and really badly dry any more. I am continually dehydrated and I have tried a lot of different things on my lips but nothing worked. This Lip Balm is fantastic as I said they are no longer cracked but also look hydrated now.

Bonnie: QLD Australia

The Best Lip Balm! No more cracked lips for me. This lip balm is my secret weapon as it keeps my lips hydrated, soft and smooth. It's always in my handbag and on me when I go out so help keep my lips hydrated. I love this product and recommend it all the time. A small amount goes a long way and this tube lasts for a long time!

Sarah: VIC Australia

Anti-itch Soothing Cream

I have very severe eczema which causes me about of pain and leaves me sleepless at night because of the consistent itching, until I tried this product!!

It is a wonderful product which moisturises well and leaves an amazing cooling feeling on the skin.

Highly recommend for anyone with eczema

J, NSW, Australia

Soap Free Wash

Greatest bodywash ever to use with our baby girl who has very sensitive skin! Thankyou for such a great product!

Bryson S., NSW Australia

Eczema & Psoriasis Cream

I have suffered from eczema all my life & this is by far the best eczema cream I have ever tried! Immediately stops the itching so that I can get back to sleep or get on with my day! Plus it's full of natural ingredients, Thank you :)

Dani E., WA Australia

I would like to thank you for making this amazing product.
I have been suffering seborrheic dermatitis for more than ten years. During that time I have been heavily dependent on cortisone creams which really worsened the condition as my skin became more and more tolerant.
Two weeks after stopping the cortisone, I have suffered withdrawal effects for two weeks, however soon after it was totally under control.
Now I am using the cream regularly and seborhheic symptoms have disappeared.
Thank you.

Vlad, Wahroonga

Very Dry Skin Lotion


This comes in a large size and I love that it's a pump bottle as it's much easier to use than a moisturiser that has a lid on it.
There isn't much of a scent which I usually like in my body lotions however as this is targeted to people with skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis etc a scented lotion would not be suitable.
The lotion is not greasy and I'm able to rub it onto my skin easily and it absorbs well leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. It's great for everyday use and lasts a while.

Ideal for anyone who has dry skin and needs a moisture boost.

Vi, Australia

Its defiantly for Very Dry Skin

I have tried many moistures for my skin condition and i found the Dermal Lotion for Very Dry Skin quick absorbing but also non greasy especially in the extreme heat over here in the west. it left my skin feeling hydrated and i only needed to use once daily. Although the packaging/marketing isn't attractive it's a really good product, I would highly recommend.

Any Tips?:
use in the morning each day

Monique926, Australia

Just what dry skin needs!

I loved using this lotion on dry patches of skin I had on my feet and knees. It worked wonders and instantly made my skin feel smoother and softer. I would only recommend using this lotion on extremely dry skin as it did feel as though it were a bit tacky even after thoroughly massaging it into my skin. A small amount of lotion goes a long way.

87 Beauty Queen, Australia

Igot this from BH as well, it's a very good moisturiser, however I may not be the right target for this product, as my skin isn't very dry.
I love the packaging - pump - easy to use. It doesn't have much of a smell. It seems a bit thick etc.
But it's very good.

Ireneeex, Australia

Great for eczema skin

Than you BH. I received this in full size a 500ml product! My husband suffers from extreme eczema and I told him to give this a go. Its a large rectangular sized bottle with a blue pump top. One pump gives a generous amount with this scented thick white cream.

I have used this on my dry elbows and hands at night and I can feel a nice cooling sensation after I applied it onto the skin. I enjoy the light scent its flowery and fresh. Its non greasy and gentle on the skin.

My husband really likes this lotion, he used it on his sunburnt skin that was peeling. It is not so itchy as he has used lots of skin lotions and it is not irritant on his skin.

This is a great pump sized product I will definitely get great use out of it as it is a multi tasking product for all over the body!

Jewl, Australia

Heel Balm

My husband and l both used your Heel Balm and noticed a difference overnight. The cracks in our feet were closing over in 12 hours literally! Cracks were gone, feet were not sore anymore, it really is a great product. l have never used anything that has worked so quickly and something that surprised was that there was no awful smell, unlike some of the creams we have been used in the past. I suffer from eczema and this did not irritate my skin at all, so that was a huge bonus. l was bragging about this wonderful product to some friends today who are all older like me and have cracked heels, especially over summer, so they are going to purchase some too!

YR, Australia

Your Heel Balm works wonders! This gentle, non-greasy, moisturising cream made my heels incredibly soft and any signs of dry, cracked heels have completely disappeared. Cracked heels are a thing of the past for me! Thanks so much.

LP, Australia

I must say after a few days my heels weren't as sore from the cracks in them. Day 6 as in the pic was quite a significant recovery. I had splits in my heel really deep and they have closed up a fair bit. I’m very happy with the recovery of my heels and will keep using Dermal Therapy and see how my feet recover after a longer time. I’ve used it twice a day for 6 days and it’ss made my heels softer too. Thanks Dermal Therapy I can wear my nice sandals again!

Freddie: QLD Australia

After five nightly applications, my end of Summer dry heels have been transformed back to soft and smooth. No more embarrassment, thanks Dermal Therapy.

May: NSW Australia

I had awful dry, cracked and rough heels that were not only uncomfortable but looked horrible. I applied the Dermal Therapy Heel Balm nightly after my shower before bed and wore socks to prevent the balm getting on my sheets. The next day I could see and feel a difference already. My feet were already softer, by day four my feet were almost back to being normal, soft and smooth. I am so happy to have found a product so easy to use that delivers on its promise and actually does what it says it will. I will be sure to recommend this product to family and friends.

Michelle: WA Australia

Your heel balm works wonders! Since receiving your sample to test in the mail, my heels haven't been the same!  The soft, gentle non greasy , moisturising cream made my heels incredibly soft and any signs of dry, cracked heels have completely disappeared and cracked heels are a thing of the past for me!

Lisa: NSW Australia

 I absolutely loved it, what I liked was that it is a thick cream that quickly absorbs within the minute leaving it non greasy. My heels are usually cracked and dry, but after trialling Dermal Therapy Heel Balm it was a great product to use. I use it every day and night to keep my heels and feet non-cracked. I have been definitely recommending this to all my family and friends.

Linda: NSW Australia

It is the only cream I have ever used that doesn't make my feet greasy or other reactions. I also have noticed on your web page you have many other products which I am interested in.

Taline S.

I just wanted to say thankyou for a wonderful product. I had painful deep fissures/cracks in my heels less than a week ago, and true to your product's claim which I have been using diligently twice a day, my feet are smooth as a baby's bottom. I will consider buying your hand cream now. Well done.

Natalie L.

I love your product. The heels of my feet were in terrible shape. I started using [it] and immediately began to see results. I will recommend it to all of my friends.

Yolanda G.


 I found this product great. It really helped my cracked heels and made my feet feel so much better.

Deborah: VIC Australia


My new heels savior! Part of this gig means dressing up for launches, so when I came back from London, armed with some Topshop newbie heels, I know they were lovely, but definitely weren't going to be a walk in the pack. I spritzed my heel and the inside of the shoe with some Blistop, and usually where I imagine my heel would rub and get very sore, stayed put. Meaning my shoe stayed on without slipping! Who would think that a sheer film would give so much protection? I'm hooked!

Olivia: NSW Australia

Races Day Saver! I bought new shoes for the races last weekend and a friend told me about this product so I went and purchased it. WOW! Amazing! I REALLY works, I was blister free at the end of a long day at the races standing on my feet. Love this product! It’s a hidden treasure!
Kelly: WA Australia - Your New Best Friend! After reading the reviews, I decided to give this a go and it works great! I have used this with heels and when I was trying to break into a new pair of flats. It definitely makes a great difference and you can't feel anything!

Sarah: VIC Australia

Heel Balm Platinum

The Heel Balm Platinum is great and I have been using it twice a day and have noticed a great difference, as I no longer have that dried skin that would catch on the sheets and annoy me while sleeping. That problem is now solved and I did not realise how much sleep I was losing to the catching on the sheets problem.  I am telling people about these products and my daughter noticed as soon as she saw me yesterday she noticed a difference. She is glad I have found something that works as it was a painful problem.  My heels she could see the difference which is great as I can only were open sandals so people could see cracks on my heels as I could not hide my feet.

Bonnie: QLD Australia

My husband and l both used Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum and noticed a difference overnight. The cracks in our feet were closing over in 12 hours literally. We both wore socks to bed so that the cream could stay on and absorb and within 3 days the difference was huge cracks gone not sore anymore! It’s really a great product . l have never used anything that has worked so quickly and something that surprised us no awful smell, some of the creams that we have been used in the past have an awful smell. l would we purchasing this in the future and will now look closely at your range to try other products. l myself suffer from eczema and this did not irritate my skin at all so that was a huge bonus. l was bragging about this wonderful product to friend today and they like me have cracked heels especially over summer so they are going to purchase some.

Yvonne: VIC Australia

I love this cream. My heels were very dry and hard. After just one treatment they felt much smoother and softer. I have been using Dermal Therapy Platinum Heel Balm each night then applying bed socks and my feet now look great enough to be seen in sandal

Sherie: QLD Australia

Just want to say your Heel Balm Platinum is amazing! I was simply blown away just after a day you notice considerable softness to the feet and after a week the heels are no longer cracked and sore. The fella is on feet and knees all days and they were sore and cracked. This surely done the trick after using it a few days you can notice considerable improvement. So both are happy customers Thanks so much Dermal Therapy ;-) it be a regular on our shopping list here and I highly recommend it to others.

Matilda: SA Australia

I used the Heel Balm on my hubbies feet, for the last 7 days, they are almost back to smooth soft heels thank you!

Sharon: SA Australia

Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum - it worked wonders on my feet, the first night I used it, I had instant results that I could feel and as the days went on my feet only got better each time. It really relieved the cracks and dryness in my feet from day dot. I was truly happy with this product and I will be buying it again as this product really does work

AJ: SA Australia

I tried the Heel Balm Platinum and instantly loved it. The smell is such a nice pleasant smell that feels great to rub into sore tired feet. The next day my feet felt incredibly softer. I love the product will continuing using it!

Nadine QLD Australia

I have always had really terrible feet. Worse than the one in your picture on the box! I soaked and filed and wrapped to no avail. I am 52 and have always loved to go barefoot and hate wearing socks when I did have to wear shoes. So my feet were a mess. So with summer coming, I went to Walmart and bought your product because it was the cheapest ... It said it would take 2 weeks. Well I used my usual pumice stone and your cream for twice a day for 2 days and tonight I could not believe the difference! I actually let my hubby touch my feet! I have to show them to everyone! Bravo! I am going to tell everyone about your product. ONLY TWO DAYS!!! Not 2 weeks. I wish I had taken before and after photos because the change is really amazing! Wish I could buy you all a beer!

Teresa J.

Hand Balm

I was simply blown away just after a day you notice considerable softness to the hands after a week. I highly recommend it to others.

Matilda: SA Australia

The hand balm is perfect for my hands as they were dry and cracking as they are constantly in water at work, it has been like a face lift for my hands, they look like they are 10 years younger, firm but supple! 

Sharon: SA Australia